How to Ratify the Radworks Purpose... with Radicle!

The Radworks purpose is hosted on Radicle. You can find it on in the radworks-governance project or by clicking here.

This is a quick onboarding guide for ratifying the Radworks purpose doc with Radicle! It will walk you through the steps of installing radicle, cloning a project, and submitting a patch.

To start, open up your terminal!

  1. Install radicle

     sh <(curl -sSf
  2. Follow the instructions on installation: Run source ~/.profile or open a new terminal, then run rad auth.

  3. Start your local node and connect it to

    rad node start -- --connect
  4. Clone the radworks-governance repository to your machine

     rad clone rad:zPUsinVa3gP71g6Dt47LP76phAWd
  5. Enter the directory

     cd radworks-governance
  6. Create a new branch

    git checkout -b ratification-<INSERT YOUR NAME>
  7. Open the file in your editor of choice, or directly in the terminal with:

     vim i
  8. Add the following to the bottom of the page:

    🌱 <INSERT YOUR INITIALS/NAME/HANDLE>If editing with vim, press Esc key to exit edit mode, then type :qa to quit.

  9. Add and commit your changes

    git add .
    git commit -m "Ratification for <INSERT YOUR NAME>"
  10. Open a patch to get your ratification merged into the project

    git push rad -o patch.message="Ratification of Purpose" -o patch.message="I am a Radworks community member and I ratify this purpose." HEAD:refs/patches

Once successful you should see something along the lines of:

Patch 036702eadf68385bcb708baeef571f6dba6f9a0f opened

Thanks for joining us in our quest to cultivate a better and freer internet! 🌱

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