Announcing Radworks

“It is in this light that we must recognize that only a restoration of open-source culture, and all that enables across the full spectrum of open-source possibilities, can allow humanity to harness the distributed intelligence of the collective and create the equivalent of heaven on Earth — in other words, a world that works for all.”

The Open-Source Everything Manifesto

Today, we’re excited to announce the start of the next chapter in our long march towards a freer internet: Radworks.

Radworks is the community-governed network behind Radicle, a peer-to peer network for code collaboration & Drips, a peer-to-peer fund sharing & splitting solution.

We believe a free and open internet is a necessary foundation for a democratic and just society, and we’re dedicated to making this brighter future our reality. We’re committed to funding new, resilient & permissionless technologies that promote internet freedom.

Radworks is run by a decentralized governance system represented by the $RAD token and powered by our incredible community of users and builders.

Where We’ve Been…

Throughout the past several years, we’ve evolved from a single code-collaboration product called “Radicle” to a broader community-governed network that funds several new technologies that cultivate internet freedom.

These technologies we support are represented by Orgs within the Radworks ecosystem. They exist as independent entities that are funded by the Radworks treasury. The technologies we currently fund are:

  • Radicle 👾 is a peer-to-peer network for code collaboration, built on Git

  • Drips 💧 offers peer-to-peer fund sharing and splitting, powered by Ethereum

The Radworks community and more specifically, $RAD token-holders, collectively manage the Radworks treasury via an on-chain decentralized governance system. They are responsible for funding & supporting Orgs that align with the Radworks purpose.

Where We’re Headed…

In addition to funding Radicle and Drips, Radworks aims to engage in community-building activities to demonstrate, reinforce, and bring awareness to the viability of decentralized & open-source technologies. As we move forward, we’re focusing on three key areas:

  1. Securing internet freedom for everyone. Why? Internet accessibility and freedom is a fundamental human right. At Radworks, we know that our Internet is only free because builders fight to keep it that way. We intend to use our resources to support them every step of the way.

  2. Helping independent builders secure sustainable funding & thrive financially.
    We want to live in a world where the best developers are building open-source and making a great living. To get there, we’ll help builders get funding for what they want to build for the world. We believe in supporting developers and helping them maintain ownership & control over their code, no matter where they live and work.

  3. Celebrating & empowering open source builders. We believe that empowering builders produces better outcomes. We will find, learn from, and amplify the stories of builders who are fighting for a freer internet. We know that progress is made by creating software & products that challenge the status quo and protect digital human rights.

We recently went through a community-led process to articulate our purpose, mission, and values. We will continue to partner with individuals and organizations who share these values. After all, they brought us here and are what will motivate us moving forward.

Join Us in Cultivating a Freer Internet 🌱

With Radworks as the connective tissue between Radicle, Drips, and the rest of our ecosystem, we're excited to unlock a clearer focus and a stronger identity for each of our projects. We believe this change will enable us to better serve our community, achieve our goals, and promote internet freedom for all.

We invite you to follow us on Twitter, visit our new Radworks website, and learn more about our projects in our docs hub.

Thank you for your unwavering support of our organization, our products, and — most importantly — our shared mission of a free and open internet for all. We’re excited to continue to build alongside each and every one of you!

About Us

Radicle 👾

Radicle is a decentralized network for code collaboration that empowers developers to work together without intermediaries. Built on peer-to-peer technology, Radicle ensures transparent and immutable codebases, making them resistant to censorship and tampering. By using Radicle, developers can easily track changes made to codebases while maintaining full control over their data.

Drips 💧

Drips is an innovative toolkit for automatic, recurring payments that allows individuals to receive payments without intermediaries. Built on cutting-edge decentralized protocols, Drips ensures that payments are transparent and secure. By using Drips, individuals can receive payments on a recurring basis without the need for intermediaries, enabling greater financial autonomy and control.

Radworks 🌱

Radworks supports a freer internet by empowering builders with the tools & funds they need to thrive. Radworks is run by a decentralized governance system, represented by our $RAD token, and powered by our incredible community of users and builders.

In addition to supporting the two product orgs (Radicle & Drips), Radworks engages in community-building activities to build awareness for builders of decentralized & open-source technologies.

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